MagMagMag x Vitsœ

Identity & Editorial design

MagMagMag is a limited-edition magazine about magazines. featuring 20 independent publications from around the world. It is produced for Vitsoe’s 620 Reading Room with Magculture, on the occasion of the London Design Festival.

Featuring The Alpine Review, Another Escape, Delayed Gratification, FAT, Flaneur, The Gentlewoman, The Gourmand, The Green Soccer Journal, HOLO, Intern, Inventory, mono.kultur, Motherland, Offscreen, The Outpost, The Pitchfork Review, Printed Pages, Riposte, The Shelf Journal & Vestoj

Vitsœ x London Design Festival

Project completed at MAGCULTURE
Creative direction by Jeremy Leslie
Special thanks to the 20 participating independent magazines