Nowhere & Now here — Edition Two

Concept, book design

Nowhere is a place of design continuum. It’s a quiet corner hosting the conversation between seven discarded shopping bags. It’s where Apple meets A.P.C. and they all find a way to get along. Shadows of the paper’s past can be glimpsed here and there but mostly their history is obscured, rip-torn into anonymity.

Nowhere is an investigation – every shopping bag page reveals and revels in the decisions another designer has made, for better or worse.

A reminder of the physicality of paper and the endless possibilities it offers.

Nowhere takes us to now here. Despite our past and our stories, our pages are unbound. The future is unwritten on a second-hand page.

Edition Two explores the binding and connection between Sulwhasoo, Pantechnicon, Alexander McQueen, Akomeya, Margaret Howell, A.P.C. and Apple.